Our Bubbles and Stars Story

Every night we take some time (with our four legged darling) to look up into the sky not only to marvel at it's beauty but to find those shining stars that were once a part of our lives.

One such star (a baby girl who flew away too soon) is always in the sky shining down on us and it is this star who gave us a gentle push and a not so gentle shove whilst we were in our North London home and made us realise that we can do something to make a genuine difference to the lives of those less fortunate than our selves.

So Bubbles and Stars was born.

We are already supporting several projects and partnering with other like minded charities where our funds and support are making a huge difference to those in need.

Currently our main projects focus on:

  • Assisting with the care of mothers of babies born too early in East Africa in co-ordination with with SAFE and Nuru Kenya
  • Helping with the provision of clean water in rural areas of East Africa through repairing defunct water pumps in co-ordination with Osiligi Charity Projects
  • Supporting existing schools to provide essential and quality education children in parts of East Africa  - one such school being Olives
  • Funding an existing project which educates children and teenagers in menstrual hygiene management within Kenya in co-ordination with PadMad

We are constantly on the lookout for feasible and worthwhile projects where are funds can make an absolute and genuine difference.

We are still looking to provide additional support for:

  • projects that assist animals (domestic and wild) in the UK and throughout East Africa and India
  • existing UK small charities that focus on reduction of poverty and medical care and education

Should you know of or come across any projects where you feel we can help please do get in touch. We will conduct some research to  ensure that our funds are only ever released to charities and projects where we can be sure that every penny donated is used to help those in need. 

Please give generously

We welcome donations however big or small. The Bubbles and Stars team will ensure that every penny collected is used to fund projects where we can be sure we are making a difference.

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