BUBBLES AND STARS AND SAFE - The Breath of Life Project


Our Partnership with SAFE

Bubbles and Stars is sponsoring a unique project - THE BREATH OF LIFE through SAFE (Safe Mothers, Safe Babies - a US based charity which concentrates on work in Uganda).

We will be providing portable oxygen tanks for ambulances provided by SAFE and will be paying the salary of a neo natal nurse/mid-wife who will be employed by SAFE.


How exactly will Bubbles and Stars Help and Be Involved?

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies (SAFE) is a community-based organization working in rural Uganda to improve maternal and child survival in the first 1,000 days of life (conception to age 2), which they achieve by addressing the Three Delays--delays in making the decision to seek care, accessing care, and receiving quality care once in a health facility. 

Bubbles and Stars will be supporting this life-saving work through sponsoring the Breath of Life project, in which we will support the purchase of oxygen tanks and refills, and a nurse-midwife to provide care during maternal and perinatal emergencies. 

Most often when a premature newborn is born in a rural facility, the baby dies because there is no portable oxygen that can provide care when the power is out or facilitate emergency transport to a hospital with higher level care. 

Likewise, some women and their babies die because a woman passes away from blood loss and oxygen deprivation enroute to a facility with the capacity to provide surgical care. 

The Breath of Life project will fill this gap by ensuring that a trained care provider and portable oxygen is available during emergencies to facilitate emergency referral and point-of-care intervention in this extremely low-resource setting.  

SAFE has already demonstrated a 29.2% decrease in child mortality in the first 1,000 days of life in one rural region in which they have been working for the past 2 years. 

Together, we have partnered to see that the Breath of Life project will be rigorously monitored, evaluated, and reported, so that lives are not only saved but also counted and celebrated as a team. 

Join us in being a Breath of Life today..


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