Pad Mad

What is PadMad

PadMad is a voluntary organisation in Kenya that manufacture and distribute reusable sanitary towels as well as educating young girls and boys in menstrual hygiene management in schools within parts of Kenya.

Madhvi Dalal - an incredible lady and the brainchild of this initiative explains why she started the project:

"My regular trips to the slums where I taught Yoga and Dance brought me face to face with the period-pad-problem. This is where the journey of PadMad began. The girls would timidly explain their absenteeism and their embarrassment of leakage during class time. They would share their inability to participate in sports or other activities just because of lack of sanitary ware. They used mattresses, old (often dirty) cloth, newspapers, etc. These would lead to infections, skin rashes, mattresses would stick to the skin in the sensitive areas and so on."

Bubbles and Stars have provided funding towards an existing project undertaken by Pad Mad because:

  • 65% of females in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads.
  • On average, girls in Kenya are absent for 4.9 days a month from school.
  • 1 in 10 fifteen years old girl resort to prostitution - sanitary towels are used as a form of payment 

What do PadMad do?


  • They conduct FREE workshops in schools for boys and girls to educated them on MHM (menstrual health management) and work on making a pad from beginning to end.
  • They train and mentor women in the slums to make good quality pads which are then purchased by PadMad enabling these ladies to earn a living
  • They educate, train, mentor, empower and support women in the rural areas to form cooperatives or Saccos for their pad business. This program includes in depth menstrual hygiene management education, training of making the pads of good quality, advising on business skills, microfinance, etc.  

We anticipate that by providing this extra funding young girls will be encouraged not to take time away from school, women in communities will learn a new skill and earn a living and that boys will also benefit from this education.