Why Olives Rehabilitation Centre?

Olives Rehabilitation Centre is a school funded entirely by voluntary donations based in a very underdeveloped shanty town about 5 km from Mombasa City Centre. 

The shanty town is without clean water and suffers from a poor sewerage system and there is a high prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the area which has meant that many children have grown up with one parent on a very low income or no parents at all.

Olives provides a caring and nurturing environment where the children can not only learn, they are fed a nutritious meal in day and they get a chance to take part in sporting activities - all of which most of us take for granted.


How exactly will Bubbles and Stars Help and Be Involved?

Bubbles and Stars will focus on one or two areas where our funding will really make a difference.

Through the guidance and knowledge of Mishal Gudka who has strong links with the school and who has been a teacher at the school we will establish what equipment, materials take priority and help with the funding of these items

Bandish's Journey - Bandish is taking on a celebratory challenge to raise funds for Olives - You can donate by clicking here