Giving Premature Babies a Fighting Chance in Rural Kenya



In late November 2017 we were fortunate enough to visit the Illuminating India exhibition at the Science Museum in London.     

 A fabulous invention caught our eye - The EMBRACE NEST.    

Put simply this is a portable infant warmer that does not need a continuous power supply (a portable incubator). Literally, a life saver for babies born too early and born in an area where established medical facilities are far away. 

The EMBRACE NEST is an easy-to-use, portable infant warmer that does not need continuous power supply. 

A medical device, designed for hospitals and ambulances, it is used in NICUs and wards, and for transport, when skin-to-skin care is not possible.

We are convinced that this innovative and remarkable product can go a huge way into reducing infant mortality rates in Kenya. 

We have spent a good few months researching into this product in order to establish how and if it is being used and whether Bubbles and Stars  can become involved in projects to introduce the product.

Bubbles and Stars and Our Involvement with Nuru Kenya -

We are absolutely delighted to announce that all funds received by Nuru Kenya from Bubbles and Stars will be dedicated exclusively to the Nuru Kenya Embrace Nest Pilot.

Nuru Kenya will train medical professionals in health facilities located in Migori County in South Western Kenya. 

The Embrace Nests will be distributed in Kuria West and Kuria East sub-counties in Nuru Kenya communities.

Bubbles and Stars will be regularly updated on the progress of this pilot project and we hope to see the project develop and grow into other parts of Kenya very soon.

What Nuru International Says about our Partnership

Nuru International's Kenya team is looking forward to a pilot partnership with Embrace Nest. This partnership will bring appropriate incubator technology to the communities we work in and assist premature and underweight infants. We are grateful to Bubbles and Stars (UK registered charity) for contributing toward funding this pilot project and for working with us toward improving infant and maternal health in rural Kenya.


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