Clean Water for rural communities in kenya

We all take clean drinking water for granted

Bubbles and Stars is supporting Osiligi Charity Projects. This is a UK based charity who have already helped several rural communities in Kenya. 100% of the funds they raise goes towards their work in Kenya.

Clean Drinking Water Project

We are at this initial stage supporting their clean drinking water project.  Osligi have a team trained to fix hand pumps fitted to wells that have already been installed by larger charities.


Osiligi have found that once hand pumps are broken villagers are left without access to clean water once again as the larger charities do not deploy teams to seek out and fix broken hand pumps.

What do Osiligi do?

Their team on the ground will actively seek out these broken hand pumps, arrange a small contribution from the villagers which acts as a fund to maintain the pump in the future. They will then assign and train a caretaker from the village to maintain the pump and then use local skilled labour to fix the hand pump. Their UK team work on an entirely voluntary basis.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each repair costs around £200 -£800, depending upon the severity of the repair. 

Going forward we will update this site with how many hand pumps repairs Bubbles and Stars have supported.